Headteacher's Welcome

Headteacher's Welcome

Welcome to Spring Lane School. I am privileged to introduce myself as the Headteacher of the school, from January 2021; a role that I am relishing for the long term.

My priority as Headteacher is to fulfil the School’s potential and strive to be central to the inclusivity of children across Bury. We will play a significant role in supporting our young people’s social, emotional and mental health and help shape their future positively. Myself and the entire school leadership will ensure that Spring Lane School heralds positive, inclusive and unconditional relationships  at the heart of our practice. We are committed to developing our understanding of pupil need, restorative practices and trauma informed approaches as part of our school improvement priorities, giving our pupils a solid foundation to be understood, be happy and progress in both their personal development and academics.

Spring Lane School is the Secondary Pupil Referral Unit (PRU) for Bury with places for up to 136 pupils. It operates across a number of sites within the Borough of Bury, serving our most vulnerable Bury Children. My aim is to allow new perspectives on the ‘Pupil Referral Unit’ system and shape the school to prove that quality first teaching, a clear and ambitious curriculum, positive learning experiences and developed SEMH strategies can be the successful ingredients of the PRU.

Our school setting at the New Kershaw Centre offers educational provision for up to 32 KS3 pupils in small classes with a broad, universal curriculum to progress in their core academics and to support Social, Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH) needs with enhanced and targeted curriculum offers. We also support a Year 10 cohort at Radcliffe of up to 20 students, with a curriculum offer that supports core academics, plus wider and enhanced vocational experiences. 

Whitefield is the relocation of the previous Milltown House and is a base from which up to 50 KS4 young people can access the universal curriculum and a variety of Alternative Provision, following vocational courses, training opportunities and work experience programmes which cater to specific interests and aspirations. Milltown House allows young people on a vocational pathway to achieve further GCSE and Functional Skills qualifications through on-site teaching to prepare them successfully for adult life and continuing education and training.

Park House is situated in Chesham and provides a small nurturing setting which will accommodate up to 16 KS4 pupils. The centre supports young people who may be exhibiting significant SEMH difficulties and trauma or school avoidance, which is a barrier to accessing education in a mainstream setting. Park House also offers a broad, balanced and universal curriculum including core GCSEs and opportunities in other GCSE subjects to enhance the offer, as well as targeted interventions to support. The achievement and attainment at Park House is good, a lot of work goes into preparing those pupils for their next stage in life and education, working closely with the young people towards college interviews and courses.

Spring Lane School will work closely and supportively with the young people, their parents/carers and professionals from other services to maximise future outcomes and secure appropriate on-going destinations. The school fosters excellent relationships with the SEN Team, the Virtual School for Looked After Children, the Education Welfare Team and the Secondary Schools Partnership in Bury. Through continuing and developing work with the School’s Partnership we are developing our outreach work and establishing our position in a graduated approach to support young people in our community. These avenues will provide support to Mainstream Secondary School’s in Bury, to keep pupil’s in education for longer, collaborating around inclusivity, sharing best practice and improving outcomes across the Borough. As a school that is looking to improve quickly and sustainably, we work with other schools and a chosen Trust to add capacity to this journey, in delivering the best environment, teaching and outcomes for our young people. 

As a parent myself of children who access Bury Schools, I am passionate to deliver what we all want for our children, which is a safe, happy and successful environment to create citizens of the future within the borough and beyond. With an understanding of trust, consistency and togetherness across our staff, we will continue foster a culture of growth and aspiration amongst all at Spring Lane School and support our young people in changing their futures.

Mr J Bradley, Headteacher