Spring Lane School staff

Outreach And Partnership

Our Outreach and Partnership Programme is evolving to the Restart Pathway in September 2024...

We are excited to announce the development of our innovative Restart programme, set to launch in September 2024. The Restart programme will serve as a short-stay placement for all new pupils joining our school, designed to provide a comprehensive and thorough introduction to our educational environment. During their time in the Restart programme, pupils will undergo essential baseline testing in reading and other key academic areas. This will allow us to accurately assess their current level of knowledge and skills. In addition to academic assessments, we will also conduct detailed personal development and wellbeing profiling. This holistic approach ensures we understand each child's unique needs, strengths, and areas for growth.

The Restart pathway is designed to collate all relevant information about a child before we determine the most suitable educational pathway for them. By doing so, we can tailor our approach to meet each child's specific needs, foster their interests, and develop their skills. This personalised method supports their ambitions and sets a solid foundation for their future success. Furthermore, the Restart pathway will be instrumental in integrating new pupils into our school's Provision Map and the Assess, Plan, Do, Review process. This systematic approach ensures continuous monitoring and adaptation of our teaching strategies to provide the best possible support for every pupil.

The programme will be supported by our SENCO, teachers, support staff, and Youth Workers, ensuring a multidisciplinary approach to addressing all challenges that pupils may face upon entering our school and their transition. Whether pupils have gaps in learning, have experienced past trauma, have special educational needs and disabilities (SEND), or face complex attendance issues, our dedicated team will be equipped to provide the necessary support.

Through the Restart programme, we are committed to ensuring that every new pupil receives the attention and resources they need to thrive in our school community.

What People Said

"They help me with my behaviour and give me strategies to help"

Y9 Boy
"The staff from the school did all they could to get my child attending school again with their relationship building, and it has worked. Thank you"

"Parents value the advice and support of our inclusion work"

School SENCO
"They like help us. They talk about how we feel angry and help us calm down."

Y8 Boy
"D has been trying really hard since working with the school his emotional needs seem to be being met and staff are pleased with him."

"They help people to calm themselves down when they are stressed. They help you through difficult situations."

Y9 Boy
"M’s behaviour has really improved since he received help from the school"

"The support we get as a school to help our pupils, with the expertise from the PRU, iss very effective"

Deputy Head
"You can talk to someone about stuff in school and at home"

Y10 Girl
"The work the team did with J was a huge help for him. Thank you"



Will I have a say in what happens?

Yes. We cannot accept referrals without parents/carers permission and support. Your views help us to decide the most appropriate support for your child.

How long will this work last?

 An assessment and intervention cycle may take about a term.

Do I need to sign anything?

Yes. We need your written consent on the referral form.

It is difficult for me to come into school does that mean the outreach work can't happen?

No.  It is important for parents/carers to be involved, but we understand that it can be difficult at times for parents to get into school.  We will do our best to keep you  fully informed. You are always welcome to contact us using the details in our parents/carers leaflet.

What can I do that would help?

You can support your child by encouraging them to try to follow any advice and strategies given and to cooperate with agreements reached in school.